TOP 10 Oil Paintings by GALLERY LA FAYETTE

Irises Vincent van Gogh replica

Hand-painted - top 10 Paintings

Oil Paintings: To give a good taste to Oil Painting, we will enunciate some of the trenchant qualities that make them desirable by many artists. Oil paints have been around since the 7th century when it first came into use. Oil Paintings are preferred for the phenomenal results they bring in skillful hands. A picture speaks a thousand words. In the list of top 10 oil paintings, we have some as “Buddha Head KS”, “Gentle Giant”, “Albert Einstein”, Paintings of “Female Nude Reclining” and many more oil paintings

  1. Irises – Van Gogh
  2. Garden In Autumn – Van Gogh
  3. Female Nude Reclining – Modigliani
  4. ALBERT EINSTEIN – Portrait
  6. BUDDHA HEAD KS – Asian Art
  8. The Rocks – Van Gogh
  9. GENTLE GIANT – Custom Art
  10. SANDSTONE BUDDHA – Asian Art

1. IRISES Oil Painting

Irisis Painting Van GoghVan Gogh started painting Irises within a week of entering the asylum, in May 1889, working from nature in the hospital garden. There is a lack of high tension which is seen in his later works. He called painting “the lightning conductor for my illness” because he felt that he could keep himself from going insane by continuing to paint. Shop Now – Van Gogh Irises Oil Painting Replica

2. Garden In Autumn Oil Painting

Garden in Autumn Van GoghGarden in autumn truly an inspiration season.  As the beauty of Vincent van Gogh’s garden all overcome with inspirational season autumn in “Gallery La Fayette”.  This is a season when everyone enjoying the feel of summer sensation with the arrival of winter. Shop Now – Garden In Autumn Oil Painting Replica

3. Female Nude Reclining Oil Painting

Reclining Nude oil painting Amedeo Modigliani Nude Paintings: was appropriated by Japanese elites in the late nineteenth century as part of the canon of modern Western knowledge they were eager to master The depiction of naked female bodies within the framework of fine art allowed, among other things, for visualization of national accomplishments, especially concerning modernization. Assigning such value to the nude, however, did not necessarily result in a visually discernible nationality. Shop Now : Female Nude Reclining Oil Painting Replica


Albert Einstein Portrait…. Shop Now – ALBERT EINSTEIN Oil Painting


Portrait Painting in Oil on CanvasThrough a custom painting, you can realize the dream of having your own oil-paint portrait or a portrait of your beloved, friends, or pets. If you prefer a landscape, we are ready to discuss our catalog of options and make suggestions. Do you have a favorite place, a romantic memory, a stunning vista that you’d like memorialized? Shop Now : CUSTOM OIL PORTRAIT Oil Painting 

6. BUDDHA HEAD KS Oil Painting

Buddha Oil Painting on Canvas

Buddha His face aglow with warmth, the visage of Buddha is beautifully depicted in this original oil painting by Gallery La Fayette. This painting had been inspired by faith in Buddhism. Shop Now – BUDDHA HEAD KS Oil Painting 




Village Street Auvers Van Gogh Oil PaintingThis is a replica of the famous “Village Street and Steps in Auvers” oil painting by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. In this painting brushstrokes sweep from the stairway in the centre out to all sides of the canvas; the women sway back and forth like the curvy path they are walking down; and the stairway appears to be sliding down the hill. Shop Now – VILLAGE STREET AND STEPS IN AUVERS

8. The Rocks Oil Painting

The Rocks Vincent Van Gogh
Oil painting reproduction The Rocks by Vincent van Gogh

The Rocks depicts a specific area in the South of France called Montmajour, a rocky terrain located a few miles north of the city of Arles. Painting on site was a struggle for Vincent van Gogh, because the fierce, blustering winds that swept through this region whipped violently against his canvases. Shop Now – The Rocks Oil Painting replica 

9. GENTLE GIANT Oil Painting

Elephant painting Gentle Giant
Elephant painting with golden background

Gentle Giant: This European quality canvas is truly painted by the English quality oil colour. This Gentle Giant painting of Elephant by “Gallery La Fayette” shows the exuding grace, elegance, and majesty.  As the natural colors blend together for this beautiful look of “Gentle Giant”. Shop Now – GENTLE GIANT Oil Painting 


Oil Painting Buddha Sandstone on canvas
Oil Painting Buddha Head – Sandstone – on canvas

Filled with warmth and beauty, this oil painting of “Gallery La Fayette” is a reflection of deep faith. Thailand is a typically Buddhist nation, filled with Buddhist ancient temples, where the number of the sandstone statue of Buddha is constructed to worship Buddha. This Buddha Oil painting is inspired by the sandstone Buddha statue. They are traditionally placed within the home in a special location, to help expedite everyday religious worship. Shop Now – SANDSTONE BUDDHA Oil Painting 

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