Painting is silent poetry and poetry is a painting that speaks” – the quote itself brings the ideology that a painting is a source to thousands of different thoughts in humans. As painting is one of the oldest art form of structures with many unforeseen sculpting techniques. With the deeper understanding, humankind with forever and a day learnt to express their thoughts using paintings. Now it would not be proven falsify if someone asks – Is the art intimidates people? It is hard to find an appropriate source of the essence to prove its subjectivity.

A phrase which I remember here “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, which means don’t question the value of a gift. The art of painting is the purest gift which helps people sees their illusions incarnating as reality. A painter put his thoughts, fantasy and some old painting techniques along with hard work to draw a masterpiece which can catch sight of the visitors and give them a new way to see life through rose-coloured glasses which can be sold as the most expensive painting.

For a non-artistic person, it is hard to wait for the paint to dry. But, before you zone out and paint oneself into the corner, let’s have a quick look to 10 most recommended portraits of 2020:

Two Koi

The famous Koi fish is one of the most auspicious creatures in the Asian Region. Koi is a coloured variety of Amur carp that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds. Koi fish has a significant meaning in both Chinese and Japanese tradition. According to most Japanese cultures, koi represents the material and spiritual abundance or advancements. Paintings of koi can spread positivity around you. This abundant painting is ready to hang on the wall and amazingly decorated with a lacquer background.

Two White Koi

In the Japanese culture white koi is also known as ‘Kohaku’. Kohaku can be seen with the common colour pairing of red and white. It is also one of the popular Chinese art form in China. It symbolizes the significance of career success and sometimes love and compassion. From back when tigers used to smoke, Kohaku fish paintings have developed deeper compassion within the relations. According to the statement of Feng Shui, a spiritual form of organization and placement of objects says, having the spirit of the koi can bring unforeseen abundance to your doorsteps. This abundant Two White Koi painting adorned with a beautiful background is ready to hang in your living space.

Gentle Giant

A painting on the wall brings an elegant look to your living space. This allows one to feel the raise of positivity around them. As a gentle elephant in Buddhist culture is the symbol of wisdom and strength, this majestic animal is a great inspiration for exceptional parenting. Though elephants have playful and affectionate nature is adorable you cannot turn a blind eye to their serious and stately nature. The Gentle Giant painting is made with natural colours and blends together to create a masterpiece.

8 GoldFish

During the earlier days of your life, you might be curious to own your first pet – a goldfish. Goldfish (es) has often been the priority of the parents as anyone can take care of it easily. The goldfish is a perfect choice for your children’s play area or in a drawing-room. Thinking you has less space to have a fish tank in your home. Goldfish painting can be the right choice for you. The 8 goldfish painting can help you feel the same as the fishes are in your fish tank wandering around it and having fish flakes under the dim lights. This gold painting is made with rich Winsor and Newton oil colours and the soft touch soothes your soul.

Two Elephants

As we all know about the playful and affectionate nature of elephants. The painting ‘Two Elephants’ shows the pure glimpse of affection between them. The painting has been done on a European canvas. Every move of the brush can be felt when you softly move your hand around the painting. The painting soothes the soul of two humans who are passionate to have a walk of life and care to the person they love till the end. This painting can  be one of the inspiring paintings using acrylic paints.

In conclusion, paintings for home are the replica of real-life happenings which are blended with some fantasy thoughts of the painter. As a painter have a look at life with rose-tinted glasses and think the world of as painted with colours and it’s the priority of every human to keep it shine till the last.