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Pop Art Painting on Canvas Original Painting

With the growing digitalization in the 21st century, everybody has access to cameras and smartphones. One can instantly capture significant moments with just one click. Hundreds of photos can be taken in a matter of a few seconds. This way the beautiful memory of a loved one smiling or perhaps a kid dancing in the rain, is stored in our pockets, 24/7. One swipe and you are allowed to experience the same moment again.

With the invention of the camera, painting lost its importance and value. While photography is just a click, painting reproduces an object more devotedly. Painting has a very tangible sense to it. An everlasting visual effect. The visual and sensory textures, the smell of fresh turpentine, the vivid brush strokes, the intricate details, all combined to make a work of art: a painting. Hence, we at Gallery La Fayette, encourage you to bring art forth. We believe in the essence of art, the commitment of the artists, and the time that goes into an artwork. Be a scenery or a portrait oil painting of a loved one on their special day or a celebrity, paintings make you feel indescribable emotions.

The thing about painters is that they are not bound with what things truly look like. They paint what they see and as they feel. That’s the beauty of it. Hence, a painting has the wondrous ability to make you experience a memory in a very distinctive way. Fascinating, isn’t it?

It can be a portrait oil painting of your favorite celebrity or an inspiring and motivating figure in your life, you can find them all at Gallery La Fayette. From the portrait of Albert Einstein and Muhammad Ali as inspiring figures of the history to the ever famous icons such as Bob Marley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sean Connery. Gallery La Fayette offers a variety of portrait oil paintings.

As a future scientist, you surely have a science lab in your home. A quiet place where all the research and exploration happens. This magnificent black and white oil painting portrait of Albert Einstein hung on the accent wall of your office will surely give you the daily dose of inspiration and motivation. The facial details and the intricacy will be a reminder to always pay attention to the small details.

You could also be a fan of Muhammad Ali’s phenomenal boxing skills. An oil painting portrait of Muhammad Ali will certainly add motivation to your home.

The wedding day oil portrait painting. A truly memorable and magical day.
Wedding Portrait Painting oil on canvas

Wedding Portrait Painting oil on canvas

A vintage-style oil painting portrait perfect for your classical house decor.

Oil portrait painting hand-painted

An abstract portrait painting with vivid colors to add brightness and liveliness to your home.

Abstract Portrait Oil Painting

The process to order your painting is fairly simple. Let’s look at the five easy steps:

  1. Choose a picture that you want to be turned into an oil painting portrait.

  2. Send in that picture to us

  3. While placing an order, choose the size of your canvas.

  4. Pay the amount (the purchase will be split into two payments)

  5. Your painting will be at your doorstep within a month

Follow these simple and easy steps your get your hands on a beautiful custom made oil paintings for your home and office.

An oil painting portrait of a memorable event hung on the wall of your room will surely bring out the wonder element in your house.

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