Banksy Exhibition 2021 – 25. March till 29. September 2021 – London Convent Garden

Flower Thrower by Banksy

The world’s largest exploring collection of Banksy artworks is headed for London next spring in the UK.

Spring 2021 can’t come quickly enough for a variety of reasons– blossom trees, longer days and the prospective end of Covid being just a few of them. Now there’s another factor to want away the next few months– the arrival of a huge brand-new Banksy exhibition in London.

Pet Painting from Photo | Hand-painted on Canvas

Pet Oil Painting custom painted from Photo

You love your dog, cat, horse, or any other “furry” family member and want to get a forever lasting memory. At Gallery La Fayette, we know how much your fur baby means to you. Our goal is to create a perfect work of art that you can treasure forever. Above all, we believe in celebrating humanity and helping people and animals in need through art.

Custom Portrait Paintings | Oil Paintings

Pop Art Painting on Canvas Original Painting

With the growing digitalization in the 21st century, everybody has access to cameras and smartphones. One can instantly capture significant moments with just one click. Hundreds of photos can be taken in a matter of a few seconds. This way the beautiful memory of a loved one smiling or perhaps a kid dancing in the rain, is stored in our pockets, 24/7. One swipe and you are allowed to experience the same moment again.

5 Most Recommended Veristic Portraits

Portrait painting of Muhammed Ali oil painting

“Painting is silent poetry and poetry is a painting that speaks” The quote itself brings the ideology that a painting is a source to thousands of different thoughts in humans. Painting is one of the oldest art forms of structures with many unforeseen sculpting techniques. With the deeper understanding, humankind with forever and a day learned […]

Best Painters

Claude Monet Painter

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) is an impressive example of a professional artist whose artistic subject matter was extremely influenced by her chronic, severe illness. The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907–1954) is one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century. Frida’s pictures derive from her life as a woman. She created something new out of […]

TOP 10 Oil Paintings by GALLERY LA FAYETTE

Irises Vincent van Gogh replica

To give a good taste to Oil Painting, we will enunciate some of the trenchant qualities that make them desirable by many artists. Oil paints have been around since the 7th century when it first came into use. Oil Paintings are preferred for the phenomenal results they bring in skillful hands. A picture speaks a thousand words.

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