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Portraits & People

Bob Marley Oil Painting


Portraits & People

Oil Painting Bob Marley


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    Portratis of People and Celebrities

    Perhaps a magnificent black and white oil painting portrait of Albert Einstein hung on the accent wall of your office will surely give you the daily dose of inspiration and motivation. The facial details and the intricacy will be a reminder to always pay attention to the small details.

    You might be a huge fan of Hollywood and its classical heroes. Heroes that encouraged you with their overflowing talent and dashing looks and charisma. In that case, we offer portrait paintings of the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you’re a fan of the old cinema, Gallery La Fayette has a marvelous portrait painting of Sean Connery.

    Gallery La Fayette offers portrait paintings in various sizes and themes of your choice! We make our portraits of people from fine materials. We use the best European canvases and paints that transform your paintings into subtle elegance. Hang your wondrous art portrait paintings at your home and create an alluring space for yourself and the visitors, leaving them jaw dropped.

    Who knows, you could also be a fan of Muhammad Ali’s phenomenal boxing skills. An oil painting portrait of Muhammad Ali will certainly add motivation to your home. Apart from inspirational oil painting portraits, Galley La Fayette also offers various custom made oil painting portraits. We can paint any portrait from your Photo!

    An oil painting portrait of encouraging and inspiring figures and celebrities hung on the wall of your room will surely bring out the wonder element in your house.

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